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What is Chex?

Chex Engineering Solutions was founded in 2018 by physicist PhD. Christian Romero at Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María in Chile. Since then, our mission has been to develop and provide engineering solutions to varying types of problems present within different areas of diverse industries.

Our first project was Chex Energy Storage, a now-patented system that is used to efficiently and sustainably store and recover energy.

Our main team is comprised by a group of experienced professionals that specializes in the different areas required for the successful development of our solutions.

As part of the CCTVaL, we have access to a diverse and specialized team of 50 members, which includes 13 PhDs and 37 professionals, such as designers, technicians, and engineers with the following specializations: mechanical, chemical, electric, industrial, software, industrial design, metallurgic, and commercial.


Our Team


Dr. Cristian Romero


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Alex Garay

Main Project Engineer


Laurentzi de Sasia Rodríguez

Senior Business & Board Advisor

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Fredy Reyes

Senior Development EPC Engineer


Dr.(c) David Aliaga Fernández


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Alejandro Matthei



Our Solutions

Chex Desalination (Soon)

System designed to produce drinking water using a minimum amount of energy by taking advantage of the microscopic properties of water.

Chex Evaporator (soon)

An add-on for power plants that allows the production of drinking water.


Chex Energy Storage for Spillover Energy

Clean, Efficient, and Sustainable Energy Storage for Spillover Energy in Renewable Power Plants

Chex Energy Optimizer (soon)

An energy storage system used to optimize green energy production (such as hydrogen generation prower plants based on Eolic energy).


Chex Energy Storage (Chex ES)

Chex Energy Storage (Chex ES) works by storing energy as a compressed gas in a high-pressure tank. This gas is then released into a closed system of pipelines, which makes it expand.

This expanded gas goes into a water-filled tank, and as the gas enters the tank, it pushes the water through a pipeline and through a water turbine. As the water passes through turbine, it enters a second empty tank until it is filled. Afterwards, more gas is released into the system, which now enters this second tank and again pushes water through the turbine and into the first tank.

This is a cyclical process that uses a constant amount of liquid. The length of each cycle, and the amount of energy it can produce, depends on the size of each tank and the flow of water that passes through the turbine. This allows for various types of applications.

In this manner Chex ES can store any kind of energy, just like a battery, but in a truly sustainable manner because it does not require environmentally harmful chemicals to operate.


Chex ES Applications

Chex ES S

An 8 [KW] unit for energy storage designed for residential and semi-industrial users. The Chex S-Unit can store energy generated by a small solar panel installation or a solar home-roof-array.


Chex ES M

A 100 to 1000 [kW] unit. The M-Unit provides energy storage solutions for large photovoltaic installations and windmill farms. Easily scalable, it can also store excess energy from the grid.

Chex ES μ

The μ-unit provides power to small devices such as cameras and public lightning systems.


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