What is Chex?

Chex is a patented system that stores energy as compressed air that can then be promptly recovered in an efficient and sustainable manner. It does not leave any chemical residues (unlike batteries), uses a constant amount of water, and is assembled using only heavily industry-tested components.

The energy stored as compressed air is recovered at a highly efficient rate because Chex uses a patented method that transforms air-pressure energy into a liquid-flow that moves a liquid turbine. In this manner, the system avoids converting compressed air directly into electricity, a process that is highly inefficient.

Because the energy is stored as a compressed gas or liquid, usually air or nitrogen, Chex can be easily scaled to fit high and low demands of energy storage, which only depends on the size of reservoir and the pressure at which it is stored.

Chex is a flexible and environmentally friendly system for storing and recovering any amount of energy in an easily-scalable and efficient manner.